I used to get upset when someone be-littles me or down plays my idea but not anymore

The older I get the more willing I am to say: ok lets hear your idea, and then watch cthe audience while you are bringing your idea across and will notice before you do that your idea is not up to scratch

You see the I am more than willing to watch you fall flat on your face and have a smile on my face while I am it

The same goes with a person who doesnt want to be corrected when they have said something wrong or the wrong way

If me correcting you will cause you heartache then I will let you be and you will look like the fool and not me

English is not my mother tongue and am always willing to be corrected should I say something incorrectly because thats how I will learn

You not willing to allow me to correct you also tells me more about you as a person

Just because the colour of my skin is not white doesnt mean undermine my intelligence when it comes to the english language

I too have a lot to learn as much as I have alot to teach. Its up to you as a person whether you will base that in the colour of my skin or the level of my intelligence……….


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