Oh boyyyy……..ladies

I am still shocked that there are 30 year olds who are still shocked that having unprotected sex leads to pregnancy

Nooo dont tell me about the so called oops pregnancy……..it just happened, we know thats nonsense

The minute the P……goes in the V…… there is a very good chance that you will fall pregnant especially when you have not taken the necessary precautions

So if people are well aware of this, as a friend of mine just stated……then why are woman over 30 still calling radio stations and asking whether to keep the baby or not because its unplanned……..??????

Even worse you go and have unprotected sex with a person you have just met…..(one night stand) and then you come and ask us what to do?????

If you were smart enough to open your legs and have unprotected sex then be smart enough to know the answer to your own question……….


Being good……trying

Last year I made the decision to move from my beloved town to a different town where I didnt know anyone except a married distant cousin who was so focused in life its not that easy to influence him to do the “wrong” things………

With me moving I was more focused on my career and to stop this thing of chopping and changing jobs as if it were underwear and learn to focus on my chosen field of study

Look I got that and decided to study a few courses here and there since I was becoming miss focused

I accomplished one course and am currently busy with my other course

These are short courses by the way because my attention span suck……..so no more than 4 months

With that being said I have accomplished that part of my “life” or still in the process but other aspects of my life have gone down the drain

For instance I used to love sport, both playing and watching it on tv

Now I dont watch tv AT ALL and I have a gym membership but am never there

I thought picking the gym with alot of people and playing the most awesome music would make me go to gym atleast once a week……..#bigfail

Instead it has made me shy and constantly question my dress sense…….I mean I am going to gym who cares what the f$&@ I am wearing???????

The stares I get for wearing my big tees and the most shinny tights and the most rugged takkies makes me want to use the equipment that nobody uses and doesnt do justice for my body needs……….

I regret picking that gym but hey I have got to stick it out and continue to remind myself why I am going to gym…….what was the reason again?????

Bottom line I miss my sporting days, playing tennis with my dad. Playing action netball with my former school coach…….#sighhhhh

I guess this is part of growing up

Change and discipline are what I still need to adapt to………

Nonetheless there is no turning back now from trying to be “good”


You see people walking around and smiling and happy not knowing the burdens they are carrying

You curse at a person and say the most nastiest thing that you can imagine not knowing that all they needed was a hug

They avail themselves to you all the time and ensure they listen to every petty thing that you have to say meanwhile they are wishing for your problems

They drop you hints in an attempt to reach out to you and you fail to see it…..oh boy some friend you are……

On a random day they drop a bombshell on you that they are carrying a rather heavy burden and need to say something to someone

My friend………I took a gun and shot someone…….*pause*

Say what?????????


Watch what you say……

At times you dont realise what you have said to an individual until you are on your own and you replay the scenario and realise that their laughter wasnt sincere

I dont know how many times a person has said something so hurtful to me and I just laugh it off because I dont want to seem like I cant take a joke

Sometimes what may seem like a joke to you I on the receiving end may take it in a completely different way and end up in tears instead

Recently I had an incident where a person kept on saying a hurtful thing to me and to her it meant nothing……just another joke

Little did she know that when I go home I beat myself up about it because I struggle with self confidence

But when you see me you will never say because I hide it so well to the extent that when my tears start falling then everyone is suprised because they never exepected it from me

This strong woman who also stands up for herself ,and others if need be, at times falls apart and balls her eyes out like a wounded puppy

This strong woman cries herself to sleep some nights and wakes up the following morning and plasters a fake smile knowing very well that her heart is bleeding

Words can seem like the most harmless of things, and yet the pain they inflict on one can be so deep that they make the ocean seem like a puddle

The power of words can cause the strongest person hit rock bottom and strip them of who they are simply because the person who used them on you wanted to break you and they succeeded

Watch what you say because not all of us are alike, what may be funny to you might be hurtful to me

And being hurt aint no joke…………


Peers who fail our children………

Where are our children safe when you read stories of principals sleeping with scholars

Sleeping with students is not enough that you even go out of your way to ensure that you record this and take explicit photos while you are in the act and now all of this is floating around on social media

You have not only taken advantage of a child but have also gone to the extent of humiliating and ruining their reputation

Some may argue that this was concentual but does that make it okay to sleep with a child who is younger than 18 years of age???

An 18 year old is a child who has not yet matured enough to know and understand the consequences of what has taken place

Some may argue that the child knew what she was doing because she is old enough to know right from wrong but dont forget that we dont all mature at the same age

A school is supposed to be a place to teach our children how to handle themselves out there in this world and the value of what life has to offer

Now when you go and sleep with a child who is old enough to be your child, who you stand in front of everyday to teach the values of life, are you not damaging them???????

This teacher/principal has not only damaged one child’s life but a few and to me he deserves the most severe punishment that this country has to offer

The damage he has done to these young ladies will haunt them for the rest of their lives

These families affected by this need justice

Dont fail our children……..


Two sides one coin……..Inxeba (wound)

There is a movie out which is causing alot of riot on social media, or atleast in my country which is South Africa

This movie is called Inxeba when directly translated means Wound

This movie is about boys who go to initiation school to become men. What takes place there and the whole process

Some people which in my observation are mainly females, gay or transgender and males/females of a different culture are saying there is no problem with showing this movie as it could be educational to some

The others mainly Xhosa boys/men, some xhosa females are totally against it and feel that certain things in ones culture needs to be preserved

Broadcasting this movie would mean that females who have never know what takes place when boys go to initiation school will now know exactly what takes place when they are there

Nonetheless the movie is being screened and reserve my comment as to how I feel about this


Could I be a writer…….?

I was never a writer when I was at school. Infact I believed I was bad at it and yes I was basing that on the marks I received and the agony I had to go through when I was required to write about something

I would chop and change it so much to the extent it just ended up not making any sense and the marks reflected that

I was more of a public speaking person where I had no problem doing in impromtus because I had a lot to say

Infact I still have alot to say but now I choose to express myself on paper and with a larger audience where they dont get to see my face……#smile

Its so much easier to express yourself in writting because the only time you get nervous about what you have written is when you have to press the PUBLISH button

Once you get that single “like” you are on cloud nine and jumping up and down because, firstly what you wrote made sense and that someone actually liked it……..wow

Once you get into the knack of writting it then becomes second nature

Everytime you skip a day of not writting it feels like you have done something wrong or something is missing

The thing is, everyone is a writer but some dont know it

The fact that you have a mind and its constantly working means you have something to say and no courage to let a large number of people know about it…….why not?????

For me writting does exactly that, I put out my thoughts out there and let people know exactly what I think……except when I am plotting something I have a twin for that

I let him know exactly what I am plotting and he brings me to my senses in one simple sentence: ” I am telling dad ” what a snitch………

Seriously without writting or blogging I would have died of boredom or landed in a mental institute for all my wild thoughts that are constantly on my mind

So three cheers to me the self- praised writer here here…….

Wait……am I a writer????????