What do I want to blog about?

I have been blogging in general for a while now and blogged just about anything and nothing in particular

I have been searching my brain as to possibilities of what I could blog about and would be interesting for me at the same time

I love kids so I thought maybe I could try and focus on that but I dont have kids so it wouldnt motivate me to write everyday or weekly

Then I thought I could write about people in general but ended up dismissing that idea because I will end up writting about how much people frustrate me and that wouldnt be enjoyable for me

So I have settled to writting about alcohol. I drink so I would be talking about something I am familiar with and maybe personal experiences

I will be combining my love for people and what I do on my free time. That would sure take my mind off things that dont add value in my life and focus on things that make me smile. And drunk people are funny I tell you……

Who knows, maybe some people will relate and could get more insight as to people’s past experiences with alcohol. Especially those who decided to stop

My family would be the last ones to write about or else it will be a never ending story……..But will see how that goes……….



I used to get upset when someone be-littles me or down plays my idea but not anymore

The older I get the more willing I am to say: ok lets hear your idea, and then watch cthe audience while you are bringing your idea across and will notice before you do that your idea is not up to scratch

You see the I am more than willing to watch you fall flat on your face and have a smile on my face while I am it

The same goes with a person who doesnt want to be corrected when they have said something wrong or the wrong way

If me correcting you will cause you heartache then I will let you be and you will look like the fool and not me

English is not my mother tongue and am always willing to be corrected should I say something incorrectly because thats how I will learn

You not willing to allow me to correct you also tells me more about you as a person

Just because the colour of my skin is not white doesnt mean undermine my intelligence when it comes to the english language

I too have a lot to learn as much as I have alot to teach. Its up to you as a person whether you will base that in the colour of my skin or the level of my intelligence……….

Calling me fake……

Wow thats one way to really hurt me and I have no idea why my friend would

I understand that its not her who said this but her child. But where would a child get such an idea

I have been called fake and I cant understand which part of me is fake.

I speak my mind and I dont agree with you simply because I want to gain browny points. I do so because I believe in what you are saying

This has really taken me aback and I have no idea how to react. When I asked my friend why her child would say that and she just brushed it off

Did she expect me not to react to someone calling me fake?

I thought I was being as real as I possibly could. So for someone to come right out and call me fake is rather shocking

It hurts but I guess I will have to look beyond it and focus on being me as I have been before I was referred to as fake………

Am I growing up?

As I was on my way to the airport I got a text that my flight was 2 hours delayed, and to think I was 2 hours early

Normally I would be rejoicing or on cloud nine because this would give me an opportunity to knock back a few beers while I wait

It was just a couple of months ago where I got to the airport and the person who was meant to pick me up from the airport was late so I decided to wait while I had a rather unhealthy liquid breakfast…….

Today I have no idea what to sit and do and its a friday and have no intentions of driving a car

Is this me growing up or is this just a phase and will return to my usual self in just a bit?

Maybe I am embarassed by a post that someone had on Facebook asking people to comment with when they started to drink alcohol. I chose not to answer as its been yearsssssss

Could that have put me off to such an extent that my alcohol consumption days could be behind me, or is this wishful thinking???

What has alcohol done for me except ruin relationships and allow me to speak out of turn to whoever I wanted? Ohhh……..and drunk dialling

I am pretty sure I will lose alot of friends if I do stop. Most of the people I call my friends the only thing we have in common is the consumption of alcohol…….

Its time to make that change…..The question is, is it me making that decision or something that I am not aware of??????

Maybe I am growing up FINALLY……

ME: dumb bimbo’s perspective

Lol…..I think I blew it beacuse I was being me

I cant stand guys who cant appreciate or look down on a woman who has their own opinion

Because I had an opinon on a matter that was being discussed and I was not in agreement with the masses I am now known as the dumb bimbo

I refuse to simply follow just because the majority is going that direction. If that makes me a dumb bimbo then so BE IT

The mere fact that you couldnt approach me right there and there about matter and rather wait till I am a thousand kilometers away and then raise your issue actually says alot about you and not me

I refuse to be in a relationship where I have to adhere and abide by everything you decide and not have an opinion on it

People wonder why some woman get married and once they get married their true colours come out and start making so called “outrageous” demands

I refuse to do that, I would rather you see me from the get go and then YOU decide if you still want to marry me

Sadly some men dont see it that way. They run the minute you show them that you are independent and opinionated ehich is rather sad

Why cant you see that my being independent could be beneficial to both of us. It wont make you less of a man just because when there is a matter at hand and I too can give input on the matter.

Lets share the responsiblity and see what happens. We could get a lot accomplished if we work together. I will still let you have the final say but lets get to a decision together

Thats just the dumb bimbo’s perspective……..

My weekend…..this weekend

You would think I would say I had a bad weekend but I didnt

It was different, but in a nice way. Makes me miss my home town even more

Spending time with people whom you have just met, and they make you feel so welcomed you would swear you have known them for years

I dont hang out with chicks because I am sure within the first ten minutes I would have gotten the up down look where you would be assessed if you fit in within the group or we would treat you as an outsider

You see hanging out with guys all they had to say was hey and then they never speak to you again. That suits me just fine. Someone else might feel ignored but I am quite happy with that because I get to observe. You can gain alot from just observing. Sometimes a little more than you have bargained for

Within one weekend I got to meet new people, spend time with him, got to meet my friend, and to just have plain uninterrupted fun. What a weekend it was because I got more than I had bargained for and I am happy………

As we continue….

Ok so I got introduced to one friend of his. Should I be happy?? I dont know how I feel about that considering I still dont know how to act around this guy. I feel like I have been thrown in the deep end……

So we drove off from the airport while I was still shaking. Wait am I shaking because I am nervous or because of the few drinks I had before I met him…….

Nonetheless, looking forward to this visit coz I have no idea what to expect or how to act. I will behave for now……but its going to be hard

You know that feelibg when you just feel like jumping all over him but you cant coz you are not alone

And then he touches me and I am thinking, the more you do that the more I will get out of hand……note to self: “stop having a dirty mind”

When will it be evening……when will it be just the two of us. So tired of being nervous, need to Let Go and Let Flow……..

Its easier said than done though…….aaaahhhhh as i have always asked, why must dating be so hard. When will I get over this phase with these strange emotions. I hate them with a passion. I dont handle them well at all…….